The registered society Peru-Aktion e.V.

In 1987, the two friends, Rolf Schlegel and Harald Hampel, were successful in acquiring, with donation moneys, the old ranch Yanachaga in the cloud forest of Peru. A year later, in 1988, Peru-Aktion e.V. was founded in Bielefeld, Germany, and in 1989, the society entrusted Hugo Fernandez , Professor of Education, with setting up in Yanachaga, a social project for needy young Peruvians.

Today, we are a group of more than fifty experts and specialists, teachers, medical practitioners, engineers and students, whose task it to collect in Germany the financial means needed for the maintenance of the project. Over the years, reliable contributors to the project were found: many committed individuals, but also schools, nursery schools, One-World groups, parishes and business enterprises, support the work with regular donations. Our German sponsors are especially appreciated, as they support either one youth, one student or one staff member with a monthly payment amount.

All members of Peru-Aktion work in an honorary capacity, and enlist additional members, donators and sponsors by holding lectures, and providing relevant and up-to-date information. Money donated almost exclusively benefits the project, as administrative costs are negligible. In regular work meetings, the needs of PROSOYA are discussed, and then co-ordinated with the project management. Annual on-the-spot visits by chairpersons and individual members round off the joint efforts.

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