Visit PROSOYA! The Guesthouse is waiting for You

The guesthouse of PROSOYA offers accommodation in eight large rooms for individual visitors, or groups of up to 20 persons.


The guesthouse of PROSOYA Information and Prices

A former barn was converted into a comfortable guesthouse.

Each room features its own shower bath, and two, three or four beds. You are always welcome here, even without an advance booking.
Price for bed and breakfast: $ US 15 per person per night.


An Old Barn Converted into a Restaurant

On the pupils’ own initiative, who could thus prove their handicraft skills within the project, an old barn was turned into a restaurant.

This is how the old barn looks today – a proof of self-initiative.

If you are interested in the refurbishment’s individual steps, view the relevant picture gallery!

During the day, the restaurant Yanachaga offers visitors refreshments and simple meals.


Hiking trails on PROSOYA grounds were built by voluntary helpers from Germany. Signboards describe the routes.



If you want a reservation, please contact using the below form to contact our project manager.

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