In the past, primeval forests in the area of PROSOYA  were recklessly cut down and thus, from its very beginning, the project’s aim has been the reforestation of the cleared slopes with indigenous trees, in order to restore and protect the ecosystem of the cloud forest. Suitable saplings are grown in the project’s own tree nursery, and then planted out on the afforested areas. A small proportion of fast growing, imported lumber is mixed under the indigenous trees.

Baumschule - Jungpflanzen Arbeit in der BaumschuleBaumschule  

 Aufgeforsteter BerghangBrandrodung

An afforested  mountain slope in the project area.

Regionally, PROSOYA cooperates with national environmental organisations, and with the management of the National Park YANACHAGA CHEMILLEN. On several occasions, the project-own guesthouse hosted conferences of environmental organisations, such as INRENA – National Institute for Natural Resources – and PRONATURALEZA – Peruvian Foundation for the Conservation of Nature. There is also close contact with the German Development Service.


Vegetables and fruit are grown in the farming areas and in the bio-vegetable garden, strictly in accordance with ecological principles, thus contributing to the  healthy diet of the inhabitants of the project. Biological waste is processed in a rain worm composting plant, and thus utilized for soil improvement. A meaningful combination of plants contributes to a decrease in pest infestation.


Fresh vegetables for the kitchen.

Gemüse im Garten

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