Useful links is the contact address for placement in South America of youths/community workers

www.embaperu: homepage of Peruvian Embassy in Germany since 1958, this circle of friends has been endeavouring to help the suffering population in the tropical forests of Peru, and since 1988 also those living in the highlands of Bolivia. site of various solidarity groups, showing their activities German website of ‘Children for a Better World’ group of medical doctors who, for many years, have been performing operations on the face, in Peru, free of charge. the priest reports on his work in Peru. Information about geography, history, and institutions of the country. Circle of friends ‘Amazonico’; promotion of agricultural infrastructure an excellent address if you wish to have information about Peru Peruvian page with information on culture, science and education (in Spanish) : a totally different documentation on PROSOYA by a music teacher from Berlin.


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