Infrastructure and Communal Development

It is the aim of the project work to improve the living conditions of the poor in the villages Huancabamba and Quillazú and in the region generally.

The drying oven

A drying oven in PROSOYA, donated by the German Embassy in Lima, makes it possible to dry perishable, agricultural products, in order to preserve them and make them transportable. Corn and some tuberous plants are then ground into flour. Families in the village may also use the oven.

Clearing by burning and reforestation

Reforestation is an important issue for the region. Its small-scale farmers have always been burning off the forest on steep slopes for new agricultural fields. Already, the burn-off has interfered with the sensitive ecosystem of the cloud forest. Its own tree nursery enables PROSOYA to carry out reforestation programs, in which the villagers participate. At certain intervals, farm workers from the village and its surroundings are invited to meetings at which staff members instruct them in ecological farming, forestry and related areas.

The bridge over the Yanachaga river


In 2000, a sturdy, permanent bridge over the Yanachaga river could be built with moneys provided by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Co-operation and Development. This vastly improved the infrastructure, as deliveries and supplies to the rural population, whose fields during the rainy season had previously been inaccessible, were now secured even .

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