Helpers/Help from Germany

Over the years, many of our German friends have supported the Project by actively working on-the-spot, or make available their knowledge.


Medical Service – this has greatly improved, and now there is an excellently functioning medical station in the village of Huancabamba. This service is accompanied by the voluntary assistance given by medical doctors and dental surgeons who, during their holidays there, treat the local population free of charge.

Craftsmen like joiners, carpenters and electrical engineers, but also other skilled workmen, participate in workshop activities and impart their knowledge, but also ta home to Europe new experience gathered, and knowledge gained.

 Frequently, high school leavers join the Project for a few months to get practical training. Of course, they need to know the Spanish language. In 1995, German students were responsible for installing the first turbine for the project-owned power supply, a turbine driven by the re-channelled waters of the Yanachaga rivers. In 2005 a second, Peruvian manufactured turbine was added.

 Students and engineers took over specific tasks for extending the Project, e.g. securing and installing electrical plants and machines, or assisting in planning and executing building measures.

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