PROSOYA (PROgrama SOcial YAnachaga)

21 years PROSOYA – Help for Self-help

The German group Peru-Aktion e.V., which has been in existence since 1989, and now has more than 50 members,  continues to raise money to meet the requirements of PROSOYA.

Over the years, a rather heterogenous group of donators was formed, consisting of private individuals, parishes, and “One World”  groups, who all support the project on a regular basis.

Additionally, an ever increasing number of friends are prepared to take on sponsorships for pupils and staff members. They contribute a monthly amount of €25 to €30, and this money is used for financing board and lodging.  Furthermore, the young people are given a modest amount as pocket money, with which they can buy  things they need for school, soap and toothpaste, and so on.

Soon after the acquisition of the Hazienda, Hugo Fernandez, the former partner of Rolf Schlegel in the Peruvian Department of Education, was made responsible for the management of the project and, gradually, he put into action, and realized, the agreed program.
As early as in 1989, three main goals were set and tackled:
-    the practical, alternative, ‘non-school’ training and education of young people, who were either orphans or came from socially week and very poor families;
-    the furtherance of the nearby village community by a multiplicity of actions and measures;
-    the achievement of an ecological alignment, and the reforestation with indigenous trees,  of mountain slopes cleared by burning,  in order to preserve the very sensitive ecosystem.

In 1989, work began with at first only six pupils from Lima. They lived as in a boarding school, and after lessons helped with building and extension work on the Hazienda and its workshops.  Today, visitors encounter lovingly restored buildings, painted  white and blue . 40 children, aged 13 or more, which had reached their secondary school age, were admitted.  They visit the state-maintained secondary school in the village, and in the afternoon are instructed in seven different workshops, where they discover their preferences  and capabilities for a future occupation.  After the conclusion of their secondary education they remain in the project for one additional year, in order to train in two workshops for a specialist vocation.  They are then well prepared for their future life.

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